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HVAC’s Green Buddy VAV

The summers in Las Vegas are challenging at best, and when you are trying to control temperatures and comfort in public spaces or offices, cost and ease of use become huge issues.

Variable air volume (VAV) diffusers offer technology that can control temperatures by providing individual room temperature control to any room or zone.  VAV diffusers have individual thermostats built in to maintain a set temperature, increase airflow and prevent over heating or cooling a space.

Sensors control the airflow making it seem like the unit follows the sun around a room or area.  Room temperatures can be maintained with the morning or afternoon sun, as well as when the sun goes down without constantly adjusting the thermostat.

VAVs also control the room temperature when body heat is present or not present in a space.  For example, say that you have a conference room in which you wish to maintain a 75-degree temp.  With standard diffusers, you set the temperature, but when activity in a room increases or decreases, so does the temperature.  With VAVs, once the temp is set, each diffuser’s individual thermostats maintain it.  If 30 people come into the room for a meeting, the diffuser will open to allow more airflow and maintain the temperature in the room.  When the meeting is over and the 30 people depart, the diffuser will close accordingly to maintain the set temperature of 75 degrees.

VAVs are perfect for individual offices, conference rooms, executive offices, or any other area in a building where individual comfort is important. Studies have shown that productivity gains of up to 18% can be achieved when employees are satisfied with the environment of their individual workspaces.

Energy savings is accomplished by varying the air volume to supply only the precise amount of conditioned air necessary to maintain comfort in a given room or area. Overheating and overcooling in the occupied space are eliminated. Most VAVs are constructed of lightweight aluminum, and can be easily installed.  If you are designing a new office space, it’s great to have them installed from the beginning.

These systems can cater to larger corporate headquarters or smaller buildings to offer you uncompromising indoor air quality control at an affordable cost.  If you’ve wondered how to control your energy impact and budget, we’d be happy to help you evaluate how a VAV diffuser system may help.

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