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About Us

Getting to know Mountain Vista Development through answers to some frequently asked questions.

How long has Mountain Vista Development been in business?

Mountain Vista Development, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Small Business and was founded in 2000 by owners Chuck and Vicki King. What started as a small operation, doubled in size by 2003 and then doubled again in 2006. Although much larger now than in 2000 we still pride ourselves on being a small business doing big business. Since 2000 we have completed over 700 projects in the commercial, industrial and government fields. We pride ourselves on providing a product that is both high in quality and cost effective. Our motto is “We Build it Right the First Time.”

How is business going these days?

Doing business in the current economy comes with many challenges. Our normal business activities are affected by the federal, state and local economies. Locally, the Las Vegas area has enjoyed an abnormally high growth rate for many years, which meant construction opportunities were highly available to almost anyone who entered the market. Since 2007 however, Las Vegas has seen a large drop in residential building, which has left many residential contractors looking for business, and some have turned to commercial and government projects. These “new” contractors have now created a large increase in competition. At the same time at the Federal and State level, we have seen a decline government contracts. In the commercial sector we have also seen a decline in new projects mostly due to lack of funding and availability of financing. All these issues combined mean sharply decreased construction opportunities and greatly increased competition in the current market. To us this means business will be awarded to those who are able to stand out in this crowded market. The alternative is to attempt to weather the current economic climate, which many are currently attempting.

In your own words, what does your business do?

Mountain Vista Development, Inc. is a commercial general contractor specializing in commercial, industrial and government contracting. However we are more than just an industry classification. We are a small business that can provide big business results. We provide the customer with a product that is tailored to their desires, instead of cookie-cutter projects off the shelf. We offer design and value engineering assistance to all clients in order to make each project both high in quality and cost effective. Our business is not only about building projects, but building relationships that will benefit us all for years to come.

What is your niche in construction?

We specialize in commercial, industrial and government contracting, however within that realm we are quite versatile. We excel in both ground-up and tenant improvement projects, but where we are most able to benefit our customers is on design-build and CMAR projects. Both design-build and CMAR projects allow us to be involved with the customer during the design process and enable us to offer value engineering and design assistance that will not only make the project more cost effective, but can also raise the quality of the project and increase the overall efficiency of the project by reducing time spent on design issues, and decreasing the possibilities for, if not avoiding change orders altogether.

What is your geographic footprint?

Our projects are concentrated in the Southern Nevada area. We mainly perform work in Clark County and the greater Las Vegas area, however we also perform work in surrounding counties in both urban and rural areas.

What are some recent projects that came out well?

We recently finished a project in Caliente, Nevada at the Caliente Youth Center. The project included renovating seven dormitory type buildings, a complete swimming pool renovation and a brand new recreation center building. We were very happy to be involved in such a great project, and had a great project team from all entities involved to work with.

We also just completed a Dining Hall Expansion at the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada. This project involved a building addition and remodel in order to expand the existing main dining facility. To be a part of a project that benefited those who have served our country was truly an honor.

Have you been able to incorporate any green practices into your business model?

In our office we use many green practices, from recycling programs, to using energy efficient machines and equipment, to simple energy conservation practices to decrease our consumption, and increase our efficiency. Not to mention being green actually yields us a cost savings!

Do you have a lot of repeat business with clients?

Most of our business is repeat business. And most of our new business is attributable to referrals from past and current customers. There is no better advertising in the construction industry than satisfied customers and their referrals. We pride ourselves on providing not only a great product, but in creating a lasting relationship that benefits all parties involved. That is what keeps people coming back.

Do you tend to use the same subcontractors or do you bid most of your work?

As a general contractor we rely heavily on our subcontractors to carry out their work at the highest quality and with the utmost competency. We strive to find subcontractors who can repeatedly provide us with this level of service at cost effective pricing. Developing a relationship with these types of subcontractors can help when building a reliable and effective project team. That being said, we are also always on the lookout for new subcontractors that can provide us with the level of service and workmanship we require and welcome the opportunity to develop new relationships with new companies.

What are your plans, goals and/or strategies for the upcoming year?

Many people are hoping the upcoming year will provide more business opportunities than the last, and will be the beginning of an economic ascent back into more profitable times. While we are hopeful that this is true, we also foresee the possibility of the market remaining crowded for some time and remaining extremely competitive. Therefore in addition to our normal practices, we are seeking new avenues for business opportunities, and increasing manpower to business development, during the times when business is slow. Our main goal is to continue to provide the same quality projects we always have, and to continue to grow even through these tough economic times.

What separates you from your competition?

Honesty in our business practices enables us to provide our high level of service and also create the trusting relationships that we share with our customers, subcontractors and employees. We feel this differentiates us from the pack in our local economy. We strive to develop lasting relationships that will benefit all parties involved, and will also develop repeat and new business. We do this by providing a high quality product at a cost effective price. At Mountain Vista Development, we are here to give you exactly what you want, even if you need help deciding what that is. We build it for you, and we build it right the first time.


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